Cyclists who live in an apartment block or townhouse often store their unicycles on the balcony. Sometimes the reason is the lack of another option, sometimes the fear that from a publicly accessible basement the equipment can be easily stolen. Unfortunately – a bicycle on a balcony is a very, very bad idea. Why? We answer!

What will you learn from this post?

  • Why is storing a bicycle on a balcony not the best solution?
  • If not on the balcony, where can we store a bicycle when we live in an apartment block or townhouse?

At a glance

A bicycle, which often stands on a balcony, is exposed to the harmful effects of the weather, such as rain, snow or high and low temperatures. This can lead to rusting of key components. A much better solution would be to store the bike in the apartment – there are hangers and bike racks for this purpose.

Basement, stairwell, balcony – where is the best place to store a bicycle?

For many cyclists who live in an apartment block or townhouse, convenient and safe storage of a unicycle remains a wishful thinking. The options are usually only 3: basement, stairwell and balcony. The first is associated with the highest risk of theft – as police statistics show, it is from basements that bicycles are most often lost in cities. Poorly secured main entrances and remoteness from apartments mean that thieves can prowl at will, undisturbed by anyone.

The second option, the stairwell, seems to be a somewhat safer place in this regard, if only because of the proximity of the apartments. In blocks of flats and tenements, it is common to come across unicycles strapped to a railing or pipe. Unfortunately, this is a false sense of security – skilled thieves can silently deal with such security measures. In addition, in many buildings the stairwell is so small and cramped that it becomes impossible to leave a bicycle on it without lumbering the passage.

Often, therefore, a balcony remains the only option. Unfortunately – it’s an equally bad idea, although for slightly different reasons.

Only in a warm and dry place will your bike be happy :)

Why is storing a bicycle on a balcony a bad idea?

Look out the window. In all likelihood, it has just been solidly freezing or blowing outside, snowing or raining. It’s also possible that the morning fog is just dropping or the ground is evaporating after a recent downpour. Alternatively, if you are reading this article in the middle of a hot summer, the temperature bar on the thermometer is hitting another alarmingly high value and a storm cloudburst will pass through again during the night. In a word: it can be varied.

A bicycle stored on a balcony is exposed to all these factors: snow, rain, humidity, wind, temperature fluctuations. Such conditions are extremely damaging to its components, especially the rust-sensitive drive. Surely, more than once you have ridden in the rain – often after such a trip, rust stains appear on the chain, cassette discs or front sprocket. After one ride! Think of the power with which corrosion can attack if your bike gets wet outside for days or weeks.

Storing a bicycle on a balcony for an extended period of time can affect it really destructively. If you intend to “winterize” your two-wheelers in this way, you must expect to face a series of several expensive repairs in the spring.

Of course, owners of built-in balconies are in a better situation – such places are almost an extra room in the apartment, so bicycles should be safe in them (although from time to time it is worth checking whether the unicycle stored in this way is not attacked by corrosion).

Convince yourself to store your bike in your apartment!

For cyclists who store their unicycles on balconies, we recommend moving them to an apartment. Even in a studio apartment you can set aside space for a bicycle – all you need is a suitable bicycle rack for the wall. This ensures that the equipment will not fall prey to a thief and will not be damaged by harmful weather conditions. And at the same time you gain an original decoration of the interior! After all, a well-kept, wall-hung bicycle is a decoration that any fan of two-wheeled rides will appreciate.

The unicycle should be hung in an easily accessible place, so that placing it on the handle will not cause problems. You can choose between horizontal or vertical bicycle hangers. The horizontal mount allows you to use the space a little better, because the bike hung on it takes up less space. For example, it can be placed over a sofa in the living room, over a dresser or a low cabinet. The vertical hanger, on the other hand, is distinguished by its ease of use – in order to hang a bicycle on such a holder, it is not necessary to lift it as high as in the case of a horizontal model. The choice will therefore depend on your preferences, where you intend to store the bike, and how often you ride it. However, the type of unicycle does not matter. Most bicycle holders are universal models, adapted to different wheel sizes or frame shapes.

Storing a bicycle in an apartmentMake room for a bicycle in your apartment – with RTR Bikes

Looking for specifics? Let us give you 3 suggestions:

  1. Crank Pro horizontal bicycle rack
    For hanging a unicycle by the pedal. Suitable for bicycles weighing up to 30 kg, with tires with a diameter of 20-29 inches and a width of up to 3.5 inches. It consists of a pedal holder and 2 wheel troughs (additionally equipped with hooks, on which you can hang your backpack, helmet or other accessories). On the wall it looks minimalist, so it will fit well in any interior. The Crank Pro is also available in a Pro version with an adjustable pedal mount that allows you to adjust the tilt of the bike relative to the wall as desired.
  2. Vertical bicycle hanger Kranked Twist – is a rotating model, which allows the maximum approximation of the unicycle to the wall, which makes it great for small spaces. To place a bicycle on the mount, simply stand it on the rear wheel, directing the front wheel onto a special arm. Kranked Twist is suitable for unicycles weighing up to 30 kg, equipped with tires with a diameter of 24-29 inches and a width of up to 4 inches.
  3. Brutus Up Pro bike stand
    – thanks to the fact that it allows you to store your unicycle vertically, it takes up less space than a standard stand, so you can put it even in a small space, such as next to a bed, desk or couch.

Parking a bicycle on a balcony is a poor solution that can do more harm than good. It is much better to set aside a little space for a unicycle in the apartment. Hangers or bicycle racks will make it easier for you to store your bicycle in the hallway or living room, so that it in no way restricts your freedom of movement between rooms. See for yourself! Go to and choose a solution tailored to your needs and requirements.

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