We are well aware that finding a suitable place to store a bicycle can be problematic – especially if you only have a room or a small apartment in a block of apartments. Leaving equipment in the basement can be risky, as it is from basements that bicycles are most often lost. Parking on a balcony may also not end well for a unicycle. Exposure to moisture and other atmospheric agents is a brick wall of corrosion. What remains? Keeping a bicycle in a narrow hallway and having homeowners complain that the equipment dings the walls and obstructs the passage?
Fortunately, no! With our solutions, you’ll find that even in a small space you can comfortably and seamlessly store a unicycle. RTR Bikes racks and hangers help you arrange your space in such a way that you can find a suitable place for your equipment in any apartment, garage or office.

When designing our bike racks and holders, we took care of their ergonomics, functionality and convenience of use – so that the equipment stored on them is always ready to go. It’s child’s play to put a light road bike on them, as well as a heavy enduro or DH machine or an electric bike. Thanks to the well-balanced design and thoughtful details, the bike will not only be stabilized in the right position, but also protected from accidental damage.
Discover the advantages of our bike racks and hangers and find out that storing a unicycle in a small apartment or a garage loaded to the ceiling can be simpler and more convenient than you think. No more tripping over a bike in a narrow hallway, no more worrying about whether it will “accidentally” disappear from the basement that night, no more decluttering half the garage when you want to go for a ride. With RTR Bikes accessories, your bike will always be RTR – Ready To Ride!