Arranging a store space can be quite a challenge. It should be approached with proper preparation, keeping in mind many different factors, including the most important one – the type of products you offer. If you are in the business of selling bicycles and are wondering how to display unicycles in your store in an impressive yet practical way, you have come to the right place. In the following text, you will find proven design tips and learn why bike display racks must be included in your showroom equipment. Curious? Enjoy your reading!

What will you learn from this post?

  • How to plan a storefront arrangement?
  • Decorating the interior of a bicycle store – what should be kept in mind?
  • What accessories will you find useful for displaying your store’s assortment?

At a glance

If you’re running out of ideas for displaying bikes in your store, check out’s offering. You will find professional bicycle display stands and wall hangers, thanks to which you will effectively present your chosen unicycles to customers. Also check out general store layout tips that will help you attract more shoppers to your showroom.

Arranging a bicycle store – what should be kept in mind?

Surely you realize that decorating a space in a store is not a random process. Each element of the site, as well as the rest of the retail space, has its own specific place and use, and their coherent combination influences the interest of potential customers in your products. Professional bicycle dealerships are no different. Never mind that you sell unicycles and bicycle accessories from top brands. If you can’t present them properly (remember, a bike display stand is a must!), the chances of a satisfactory sale are greatly diminished. So how should you plan your store layout to make it look attractive and attract more shoppers?

Storefront planning

The storefront is, for many owners, the most important place in the store – the first place a shopper comes into contact with before he or she even decides to go inside. It is based on the appearance of the site that the customer forms an initial opinion of your salon. So remember the following tips:

  • Take care of cleanliness and order within the site (nothing scares away customers like dirty, smudged windows).
  • Display the assortment clearly, and try to avoid chaos – don’t present an excess of products, as this can confuse customers.
  • Place visually appealing products that attract attention from the spot – it can be an assortment that sells best or, for example, bicycles from the latest collections (of course, you’ll need a bike display stand).
  • Always show the prices of the products you put on the site.
  • Inform about current promotions – for this purpose you can use stickers on the windows or, for example, hanging elements in the style of wooden plaques.

Bicycle display in the store

Decorating the interior of a bicycle store

Each bike store looks different – but this does not mean that it is impossible to identify common elements among them. Here are the basics that will come in handy when arranging your bicycle showroom:

  • Divide the store into functional zones – depending on the size of your showroom, this could be a section with bicycles (division into city bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes and folding bikes), a section with bicycle accessories, components and clothing, a section with a separate bicycle service, a place for testing unicycles or, for example, a separate area with bicycle racks.
  • Take care of professional bicycle display – after all, it’s the most important part of your product line. First of all, you will find it useful to have racks for displaying bicycles, but also wall hangers for bicycles.
  • Bicycles should be grouped according to price, such as from the cheapest to the most expensive models.
  • Don’t overdo the amount of decorations in the store – clear display and visual order are important for customers.
  • Separate paths for customers to move freely – if this will be impossible due to excess products, hide part of the assortment in a warehouse, for example.
  • Consider using mirrors – the products reflected in them can be noticed faster by customers. In addition, mirrors optically enlarge the space, so that the living room will seem more expansive than it really is.
  • Opt for a neutral wall color, which will not distract from the presented products – in the case of bicycle stores, you may be tempted to use small wall decorations, the style of which will refer, for example, to the structural elements of the unicycle (wheel, frame or handlebars).
  • The cash register should be located at the end of the store – the customer will have to go through the entire showroom if he decides to buy a product. Maybe something else will catch his eye along the way?
  • At the checkout, try to display small accessories with discounted prices – a proven trick that works in most stores.

Bike display stands and bicycle hangers – why are they so important in terms of product range presentation?

Can you imagine selling merchandise that is not highly visible in the store? Or has it not been presented in a way that highlights its key strengths? Neither did we – fortunately, at you’ll find products that will help you effectively display the assortment in your bike store. The bicycle display stand will ensure that no one will pass indifferently by the single-track displayed on it. Don’t believe it? Find out which accessories will help you attract more customers to your bike shop!

Vertical bicycle display stand

Vertical stand will prove useful in small bicycle showrooms, where due to limited space there are problems with the proper display of the assortment. Thanks to the use of non-slip feet, the Brutus Up Pro stand allows you to stably hold a unicycle in an upright position (with a weight of up to 30 kg!), and the use of high-quality structural surface provides high resistance to scratches and damage.

Wall hangers

This is another way to save space in the store and at the same time present the unicycle in an impressive way. Your choices include a model to hang your bike by the Crank Pro pedals. The bicycle hangers for the wall are very durable and suitable for heavy loads, and the included dowels and screws allow for quick and hassle-free installation. Wall hangers are a great solution for any bike store.

Visit and find out that effectively displaying your bike store’s assortment doesn’t have to be difficult to organize at all. By using bike display racks and wall hangers, you ensure that your showroom is not only tidy, but also has the chance to attract new customers. See for yourself right now!