Caring for a bicycle is not just about regular maintenance and care with specialized products – it’s also about proper storage. Whoever, but we know quite a bit about it. We have been manufacturing bicycle racks and hangers for years, providing cyclists with functional and convenient solutions. We want to make their lives and daily use of two wheels easier, and at the same time prove that even in a small apartment or cell, there is room for a bicycle. Check out our offer and find out that storing your unicycle has never been easier!

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  • What kind of bike racks and hangers can you find at RTR Bikes?

At a glance

RTR Bikes offers clever solutions and proven mechanisms that make bike storage easy. Among them you will find racks designed to hold even heavy electrics or DH bikes, as well as mounts that allow you to hang your unicycle by the pedal, front wheel or seatpost, and practical accessories. We’re cyclists ourselves, so we know exactly what two-wheeled enthusiasts need – that’s why we design solutions that are carefully thought out, functional, durable and make maximum use of space.

RTR Bikes bike racks

When looking for a way to store your bike in your apartment, garage or basement, you have 2 options: a bike rack or a hanger. Which one to opt for depends mainly on the conditions of the premises. A bike rack takes up more space than a hanger, so this option is usually chosen by people who have more space to store their two wheels. However, it is less cumbersome to use, because you usually do not need to carry the unicycle to place it on it. The stand can also be used as a service stand – it stabilizes the bike and provides more convenient access to its components, making DIY easier.

Brutus RTS Bikes Bike Stand

Brutus – probably the most convenient bike rack you will find

It’s hard to imagine a stand simpler to use – to place a bicycle on our Brutus model, all you have to do is hover over its shoulder with the rear wheel. And already, the bike immobilized! Pulling it out is just as easy – you just pull up to the front. Even the youngest cyclists can easily cope with parking a unicycle on such a rack. To ensure that Brutus does not slide on the floor when placing the bike on it, we equipped it with non-slip feet.

The Brutus bike stand is a solid, solid metal construction that will hold even extremely heavy bicycles. You can park an electric or other equally heavy model on it without worry. The rack is designed to hold unicycles weighing up to 30 kg, equipped with tires with a diameter of 20-29 inches and a width of up to 3 inches. If you’ve had trouble so far finding a rack that will hold a bike that is heavy or put on fat tires with aggressive tread, Brutus is the solution to that problem.

Brutus Up – bike vertically and horizontally

RTR Bikes also offers the Brutus Up Pro bike stand. This is a similar design to the Brutus described above – however, unlike its big brother, it offers 2 ways to store a unicycle: vertical and horizontal. The ability to put the bike upright will especially appeal to those who have a bit less space in the basement or garage. Parking the equipment on such a rack is similar to the Brutus model – in the vertical position, you only need to lift the front of the bike to place the tire on a special hook.

The Brutus Up Pro stand will also hold heavier bikes – up to 30 kg. It has non-slip feet that effectively stabilize it, and a structured, scratch- and damage-resistant surface.

Brutus Up RTR Bikes Stand

RTR Bikes Hangers

Although a bicycle rack is slightly less convenient for daily use than a stand, it allows better use of space. It will be a good choice for smaller or more cluttered spaces – it will work well not only in a garage, basement or storage unit, but also in an apartment. A well-kept bicycle hung on the wall can look really designer!

Crank Pro hanger to hang your bike by the pedal

The Crank Pro hanger is a very minimalist proposal. It consists of 3 small components: a stand, behind which the pedal hangs, and two brackets (troughs) for the wheels. This form makes the handle unobtrusive, discreetly supporting the bike. The wheel troughs are additionally equipped with small hooks on which you can hang a backpack or helmet, better organizing the space. With each RTR Bikes hanger, we add a set of Fischer brand dowels and screws to make mounting the mount as easy as possible.

The Crank bicycle hanger is designed for bicycles weighing up to 30 kg, equipped with tires with a diameter of 16-29 inches and a width of up to 3 inches.Crank handle

Kranked Twist

An alternative to the Kranked hanger can be the Kranked Twist. This solution is ideal for really small rooms. If you appreciate clever patents, you’ll definitely like it – it has a swivel mechanism so you can rotate the handle arm 180 degrees, bringing the bike closer to the wall and gaining additional space. The Kranked Twist also comes with a wheel trough and a set of dowels and screws for mounting.Kranked Twist rotating bicycle rack

You don’t need a garage the size of a hangar to store your two-wheelers comfortably. Clever solutions that maximize the use of even a small space will suffice – which is exactly what RTR Bikes hangers and racks do. With these, your bike will always be RTR – Ready to Ride!

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