Biking is a passion that can draw you in completely. It starts innocently enough, until finally there comes a point when every cycling enthusiast asks himself how to improve the bike and enhance its appearance. Fortunately, not all changes have to cost a fortune. Sometimes with a small outlay you can make improvements that will really make a difference. If you’re wondering what to do to get farther and faster next time, get your gear out of the basement or off the bike rack! Let’s get on with home bike tuning!

What will you learn from this post?

  • How to improve the appearance of a bicycle at little cost?
  • What can be done to make the bike faster?
  • Why use inner tube sealing milk?

At a glance

Planning to upgrade your bike at little cost? Think about replacing tires, pedals and grips. If you often ride over rough terrain, tire sealant or even switching to a tubeless system may be a good option. The bike will be faster if you take care of the drive and lubricate the chain. Minor visual tuning of the bike also does not require much money. All you need to do is wash the unicycle thoroughly and polish the paint with car cosmetics.

1. bike tuning: switching to tubeless system

A cracked inner tube on the road can bring even the most calm person out of his or her mind. Fortunately, there is a simple way to avoid unpleasant surprises – the use of sealant polish, which will patch minor rubber damage on its own. For those who often drive in difficult terrain, we recommend going one step further! By switching to a tubeless system, you are much less likely to catch a flat tire, plus the equipment weighs less and you can ride at lower pressures.

2. tire replacement

Manufacturers usually install average or low-quality tires on new equipment. No one changes tires before they are sold, so decent tires are also rarely found on used unicycles. So when upgrading your bike, it’s worth thinking about a new set of tires. Replacement is not expensive, and translates into a number of benefits while riding. Better bike feel, more grip and more efficient braking are just some of them.

3. replacement of pedals with snap-on pedals

Platform pedals are a fixture on most new bicycles. There’s nothing wrong with them, especially if you plan to work on your riding technique, but on longer routes it’s worth testing an SPD system or other clip-on pedals. This will eliminate the risk of the foot slipping during the ride. The hard connection between the shoe and the pedal also has other advantages. The biggest is the more efficient transfer of force from the leg to the crank. In simple terms – a faster bike for the same effort.

4. chain lubrication

How do you make your bike faster? It is worth starting with cleaning and lubricating the drive. A dirty and dry chain puts more resistance, destroys the cassette, and makes unpleasant sounds. Extraction gasoline (or a special degreaser) and dedicated chain lube oil can work wonders. As the old saying goes, he who does not grease, does not ride. A working and clean chain means a faster bike, so it’s definitely worth it!

5. new grips

While riding, we maintain contact with the bike mainly through our hands and feet. We’ve written about pedals before, so now we’ll address the other “sticking” points. A secure grip significantly improves the comfort and control of the bike. Grips available in stores vary in thickness, width and hardness, so we recommend testing several models to find the best solution for you. A new set costs a few tens of zlotys, so tuning your bike at a small cost is really possible!

Bike tuning - a helpful rack

6. visual tuning of the bike: washing and polishing the paint

Finally, we will still consider how to improve the appearance of the bike with a minimal investment. This is where a decent wash comes to the rescue, preferably using several specialized agents. We start by cleaning the drive with a special foam, then spray the frame with detergent, rinse thoroughly and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. It is most convenient to use a pressure washer here, remembering to keep a safe distance for the bearings. We finish the visual tuning by polishing the paint, which is most easily done using a bike hanger. For a glossy coating, you can use a light abrasive car body polish, and for a matte coating, you can use a silicone spray.

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