Looking for a durable and functional bike rack? Be sure to take a closer look at the Brutus and Brutus Up models from Polish brand RTR Bikes! Their functionality is appreciated by both owners of lightweight road bikes and heavy downhill and electric bikes. Want to learn more? In today’s article we present the advantages of the Brutus bike rack!

What will you learn from this post?

  • What bikes are compatible with Brutus and Brutus Up racks?
  • How do you make washing and repairing your bike easier?
  • Which bike rack allows you to store your equipment in two positions – vertically and horizontally?
  • What are the advantages of the Brutus bike rack?

At a glance

Brutus and Brutus Up are the highest quality bicycle racks from the Polish brand RTR Bikes. They are durable, functional and compatible with most commercially available unicycles. Both models are easy to use and do not require mounting to the ground. With the Brutus Up bike rack, you can store your equipment in two ways – horizontally or vertically.

1 Advantages of the Brutus bike rack: compatible with most bikes

Whether you own a lightweight cyclocross bike, a heavy DH machine or an electric, Brutus is the bike rack for you. It has a maximum load capacity of as much as 30 kilograms and can store unicycles with tires from 24 to 29 inches in diameter (20 to 29 inches for the Brutus Up version) and up to 3.5 inches wide.

Brutus bike stand

2. durable and robust

RTR Bikes brand bicycle hangers and racks are made of high-quality metal with a structured surface. Durable materials and careful finishing make them resistant to scratches and other mechanical damage. The Brutus or Brutus Up bike stand, like other RTR Bikes products, will serve you for years to come.

3. allows you to store your bicycle in two ways

Bike stand – vertical or horizontal? The decision is difficult, but with the Brutus Up Pro model, you don’t have to limit yourself to one option! During the season, when you use the bike often, you can leave the unicycle in a horizontal position so that it is always ready to ride. On the other hand, in the winter months, when the weather is not conducive to rides, you will place it vertically against the wall so that it does not take up too much space.

4. does not require mounting to the ground

Another advantage of the Brutus bike stand is that it does not require complicated installation – just put it in the desired place. You don’t have to wonder if you have the right tools or if it’s possible to drill into the floor of a rented garage space. Need to wash your bike outside or facing a move? Moving the rack to a new location is also no problem at all!

5. helpful for washing and servicing

Do you belong to the group of do-it-yourselfers? The Brutus bike stand is an indispensable assistant during all repairs and adjustments of equipment. Thanks to it you will never again have to ask your friends to hold your unicycle during service work! What’s more, Brutus is stable enough that you can even use it while rinsing off dirt with a pressure washer.

6 Advantages of the Brutus bike rack: easy to use

Parking equipment on the Brutus bike rack can be handled by a child. To put the unicycle in a horizontal position, just drive the rear wheel over the trough. Even parking on a bicycle rack vertically does not require much force. All you have to do is set it on the rear wheel, drive it over the gutter and hook the front wheel to a special hook.

Brutus Up Vertical Bike Stand

7. saves space

Having trouble finding a suitable place to store your bike? With Brutus Up you can fit it even in a small parking space, not to mention a bedroom, garage or basement. Most importantly, the bike will stand stable! You don’t have to worry that an accidentally hit unicycle will fall over and get damaged or scratch the wall or paint of your car.

8. safe for bicycle

RTR Bikes bike racks are completely safe for your equipment. On Brutus models, the bike is held only by the wheels, eliminating the risk of scratching the paint. The stands are also very stable, so they will not topple over even under the weight of an electrician.

9. manufactured in Poland

RTR Bikes is a young company from the south of Poland that was founded by true bicycle enthusiasts. All products are designed with attention to the smallest details and tested by people who can’t imagine a day without riding two wheels. When you choose RTR Bikes hangers and racks, you’re betting on quality and functionality, plus you’re supporting a local company.

Brutus and Brutus Up bike racks and other gear storage accessories can be found at rtrbikes.com.

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Photo source: rtrbikes.com