Finding a fantastic gift for a cyclist is easier than you think! The whole endeavor is made easier by the fact that the number of possible options can be counted in tens or even hundreds, and in a variety of price ranges. Check out our suggestions for an apt gift for a cyclist and give your cyclist the gift of his/her dreams!

What will you learn from this post?

  • What kind of gift will appeal to a person who services his bike himself?
  • Why are cycling socks or a cycling jersey always a good gift idea for a cycling enthusiast?
  • What to buy for a person who rides a bicycle even in winter?

At a glance

Looking for a gift idea for a bike fan? Every two-wheeler owner will find it useful to have a handy tool kit, pump or chain gauge. A person who does not give up riding even on a frosty day will like warm gloves, thermal underwear or cycling socks. On the other hand, do-it-yourselfers should gift a bike service stand, which facilitates all repairs and adjustments of equipment.

1 Useful gift for a cyclist? T-shirt!

A plain T-shirt is supposed to be a good gift idea? – You will ask perhaps with doubt. And yes! But it’s not about the first better T-shirt from a chain store. Here we are referring to a thermoactive T-shirt designed specifically for the needs of athletes. Such a T-shirt makes training much easier: it effectively wicks away evaporating sweat, which is a real bane during training, and helps maintain proper body thermoregulation.

If the cyclist you intend to gift trains regularly, he or she surely already has some thermo-active shirts in his or her closet – you can take advantage of this and preview their size. At the same time, you do not have to worry that another such T-shirt will be a misplaced gift. On the contrary! Sportswear in an athlete’s closet is never enough.

2. thermal underwear

Another tried-and-true gift for a bike fan, also from the clothing category, is thermal underwear – a must have for the autumn-winter season. You can buy a good quality thermoactive set (long sleeve blouse + gaiters) for as little as approx. Look for suggestions from brands such as Viking, Brubeck, Under Armour and Craft. You can choose between models made of synthetic materials and merino wool – consider especially the latter option. Wool thermal underwear is more expensive, but due to its sensational properties it is baavery popular and desirable. There is a good chance that the purest joy will shine in the eyes of the recipient cyclist at the sight of such a gift!

Just remember to keep your receipt after shopping – thermal underwear, in order to do its job well, must be perfectly fitted to the body. So it’s possible that you may need to replace it with a smaller or larger size.

3. a small gift for a bike fan: socks

Looking for something on a smaller budget? Bet on… socks! Yes, yes, this item of clothing can also be a successful gift for a cyclist for holidays, name days or other smaller occasions. As with the T-shirt, bet on a sports model: thermoactive, quick-drying and breathable. It’s amazing how much thermal comfort during training can be affected by ordinary socks!

Accessories for the cyclist

4. cycling boxer shorts (men’s and women’s)

Although it seems to be a gift option exclusively for men, nothing could be further from the truth: cycling boxers are also worn (and appreciated!) by women. This type of sports underwear is equipped with special inserts that protect the sensitive perineal area from irritation and discomfort caused by prolonged pressure on the saddle.

What about other elements of a bicycle closet? We know from experience that clothes such as pants, jackets and sweatshirts are better to buy on their own. First of all, because it is worth trying them on, as the sizes of different manufacturers can vary significantly. And secondly, because… such shopping is a lot of fun – just searching and comparing different options can be exciting, so any avid cyclist would rather not give up on them. If the cyclist you want to gift would benefit from such “more specific” outfit items, think about a gift card.

5. lighting for the bicycle

If the cyclist for whom you are preparing a surprise is a fan of enduro or downhill, it is quite likely that he or she regularly loses bicycle lights and just happens to need a new one – cycling on the hills is definitely not conducive to the durability of such accessories. Front and rear bike lights are a great gift idea for a bike lover. Look for lights that are recharged via a USB cable, rather than battery-powered – a much better and more useful choice.

6. bidon or beaker

Bidons or beakers for bicycles are replaced often, because after a while they just start to… stink. It only takes a slight negligence in cleaning for bacteria to enter the interior, causing an unpleasant odor. To ensure that the gift will serve the cyclist for more than a few weeks, avoid the cheapest bidons and tankers for a few/ten zlotys. Rather, take a peek at suggestions from proven brands, for example, Camelbak Podium, Elite or Crux.

7. bicycle gloves

Bicycle gloves will be useful for both lovers of road cycling and supporters of “mountaineers” who choose slightly steeper and less level paths. Long distances traveled on a road bike and the need to hold the handlebars firmly on the verges make it easy to get corns and irritation on the hands. If you are preparing a gift for a cyclist for the holidays, think about winter gloves with long fingers and a thermal layer. In spring and summer, a better choice would be an airy, short model that reveals part of the toe.

Tools for the cyclist

8. bicycle chemistry

Bike wash shampoo, drive foam, chain oil, degreasers, lubricants, thread adhesives, shock absorbers… In the “chemicals and cosmetics” category you will find a whole lot of ideas for an original gift for a cyclist. But first, try to discreetly find out what is missing from his home workshop.

Examples of useful specifics can be found in the article Home workshop: bicycle fluids, oils and lubricants

9. bicycle meter

If a cyclist close to your heart is spending more and more time on rides, a bicycle counter will certainly come in handy. This will allow him to keep track of the distance he covered and the speed at which he drove. Many cyclists collect such information as curiosities, but the biggest enthusiasts check their training progress this way.

10. sports watch

A sports watch is already a higher level of control of sports performance – it not only monitors distance and speed, but also records the route, counts calories burned or indicates the level of stress on the body. Features vary by model and, of course, price range. The most advanced watches are true combos that allow precise control of all aspects of training. This type of gadget for a cyclist should have a built-in GPS, a long-lasting battery and an accurate speed counter. The most commonly recommended brands are Garmin, Suunto and Polar.

11. GoPro camcorder

Do you have a slightly larger budget and are looking for something truly WOW? The suggestion can be only one: a GoPro camera! It’s a gift that will probably please lovers of taking adrenaline rushes in the form of riding on mountains or MTB trails most strongly. Capturing beautiful views and the speeds developed during descents is often a mandatory part of a bicycle trip to the countryside. Comes with the added bonus of being incredibly fun and proud to watch!

12. practical gadgets for the cyclist: tools

For many cyclists, tinkering with their bikes is an integral part of their pastime. Such tools as a set of torque wrenches, a chain reducer, a tire bucket and cassette pullers are essential items of equipment for any garage do-it-yourselfer. Just remember that when picking tools, it’s better to go for quality rather than quantity. You don’t have to buy the whole set right away. Over time, as the cyclist you want to gift becomes proficient in minor repairs, you’ll present him with more useful accessories.

Bike stand

13. bicycle stand

However, there is one thing that is worth having right away: a bike rack. Without it, tinkering will be much less comfortable – it’s difficult to do anything with a unicycle if you have to constantly hold it with one hand. The stand, on the other hand, stabilizes the bike in place, protecting it from accidental damage and making access to the various components much easier. On a daily basis, it will also be used to safely store equipment in the garage or basement.

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The truth is that we could list gift ideas for a cyclist endlessly. We are fans of two-wheeled riding ourselves, and the list of things we dream about or MUST get ourselves (if only for our own satisfaction) is baavery long. Sometimes even such a trinket as a bell or other “shpej” will be a great gift. The key to preparing an apt gift is… the ability to listen. Think about it – maybe the person you want to gift once mentioned in passing that he or she needs something to drive faster, safer or more comfortably?

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